There is nothing you cannot do


There is nothing you cannot do if you get your habits right. Nothing. But habits require discipline. Iron-clad discipline. You want to achieve something, anything – set the right habits. And every single day, even if for a few minutes, or a few kilometres, keep at it – rain or shine, exhausted or angry, this is the path to actualization.


You win or you learn


We need more bravery in this world. Do not be afraid to fall or fail – as this paves the road to growth and greatness. Every time you get back up, you prove to yourself and the world the person that you will become. You win or you learn; but either way you grow stronger and smarter. Trauma does not only lead to disorder, but also to growth (in time). The choice is (always) our own.


Remaining calm in all situations is a superpower


You honour yourself by respecting others. You honour others by respecting yourself. It is easy to lose control and get angry, it is a warrior who maintains control and remains calm. Learn to know yourself, understand why you think and feel the way you do. This is the beginning of wisdom.


Do not fear the unknown


Do not be afraid of the unknown. See uncertainty as opportunity. Learn to not be sensitive to disorder, even if order and predictability is what every (human) system craves for. The world is complex, order is transient. New orders, changing orders will dominate the future. Learn to see everything as an opportunity.

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