We all possess
the relentless spirit to succeed.
Face our challenge.

your Force

Join the MissionMe program
where an inexorable spirit to succeed is key.

Based on proven techniques from the
elite Special Forces way of life.

Mental resilience

Whatever slings life throws
at you, rise to the occasion.


Take the right decisions and
lead the way for others.

Physical endurance

Responsibility is something
you carry, so be prepared.

How do you keep a clear head under pressure?
How do you truly spark and inspire others?

The MissionMe programs incites you to empower yourself. To guide a team under exceptional situations, you have to prepare yourself for exceptional circumstances. We invoke your endurance, challenge your judgement and put your inner strength to the test. But we are there every step of the way; we’ve got your six.

A team of Special Forces
inspiring people and unique skills.

Not so long ago, we were knee-deep in undisclosed military operations. For years, we have developed a broad set of competences that also prove to be very valuable for personal development. Today, we are determined to share this expertise with eager individuals, teams and organizations who are looking for ways to better arm themselves for demanding and complex situations.

You can only challenge your fears
if you’re not afraid to fail.
- Stijn

Who are we targeting?

We offer a variety of all-encompassing
programs to serve particular profiles.

In business

Equip your entire team with the
tools to excel in work and life.

In the beginning

Between 12 and 18 years young?
Unplug the apps and get real.


Refuel yourself to pursue and fulfill
specific goals and dreams.

Read our journal and
join us on this journey.

BREAKING: MissionMe Challenge launched!

Born between 1997 and 2008 -or were your children born between those dates? And you’re looking for the challenge of your or their life? This is it!

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