Towards a Braver Society

Why missionme

Aside from our Belgian special forces background (with all the adventure and skills that entails) we believe – above all – that people need to stretch themselves beyond the boundaries of their current self. They need to continue to train their confidence to venture into the unknown – with a “resilient posture”. That life should be a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth.

As special forces (SF) operators, we have failed many times, we have fallen behind, we have carried unbearable loads, we have been wet, cold, sick and hungry in our training, but we have never given up. Not because we are supermen, but because we had a goal – a north star.

what we do

Through our experiences we would like to mentally and physically equip people with “practical wisdom” for overcoming whatever obstacles may present themselves (this is largely a matter of the mind).

We believe in the full potential of all people, no matter the age. We believe that people are far more capable and braver than they think; we would like to help unleash this strength within.

Meet the founders