Date13-04-2022CategoryPhoenix ProgramActivity3 Day MissionClientBarbara

From the client’s perspective:

Last night I returned home after my “3 Day Mission” with MissionMe.

Why did I initiate the mission?
To get myself out of my comfort zone and for personal development. Through various activities coach Stijn confronted me with anxiety, hopelessness (“uitzichtloosheid”), disappointment and other kinds of discomfort.
He also taught me new skills and gave a new perspective.

I feel overwhelmed with the whole experience.. and although I am already grateful for everything I realize I got out of it, I believe there is more then I yet know… I am so deeply impressed that I need some time to recover, let it all sink in and reflect on it (task #1 ). I will do so with a mindset based on trust (task #2).

In a few weeks time, together with my coach, we will hold a final evaluation. Probably I will share more in-depth insights in the 3 Day Mission to share with those who are interested…. To be continued..