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MissionMe has been able to engage with Komma Board in two very different ways:
1) management workshops on unconventional leadership, institutional design, and coping (strategically) with complexity; and
2) 12-hr and 24-hr Challenges in the outdoors where activities are designed to push individuals/teams in the physical domain in order to suscitate reflections on principles at the base of elite teams. A 24hr Challenge is long and exciting (day and night) with very little sleep, but we get to know each other and ourselves much better in circumstances far outside of routine and the comforts we take for granted.

The exchanges through workshops and activities with Kommaboard has been interesting and thought provoking. The world of the military (tactical, operational, and strategic) and the world of business (also tactical, operational and strategic in its own right) provide a diverse platform for stretching and deepening the way we see AND overcome problems. The greatest military strategist (Clausewitz) conclusively likens war to business (with high stakes) after putting aside common arguments that war is more an art or a science. There is much to be said about bringing (in theory, rather than in practice!) these worlds closer together.