Throughout August, the MissionMeBaseCamp was the epicenter of tough challenges, smiling faces and thrilling adventures. Week after week, a new group of participants came to really get to know themselves and to challenge their own limits, or rather, exceed those limits. Aged 12 to 45 years old (in different age categories), but all very motivated to discover what this Challenge was going to offer them. Everyone pushed their boundaries in one way or another. Some overcame a fear they had for years, other participants found a new purpose in life (exposing your body and mind to a new active environment, outside the comfort of comfort, often stimulates the mind in new ways). Individuals built their confidence and were challenged to lead an unknown group in their own unique way. All leaving with a unique life experience.

DateAugust 2020CategoryPrivateActivityGroup ChallengesGroup12 to 45 years old

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