What to expect

Senegal, with the Sahel region up north and the Saloum Delta down south, is the ideal environment for the mission you will accomplish during this challenge. Discover what body and mind are capable of on another continent and in a different climate. Survival techniques and connecting with other cultures are part of the mission that needs to be fulfilled.

Guided by ex Special Forces operators you will conquer your fears while mentally and phsysically being challenged. Discover your response to unforeseen circumstances and learn how to control your reaction. Set new goals in life and determine how to achieve them.

Physical requirements

  • Good basic condition
  • Healthy life style

For extra support you can contact the MM-team.


You will be put into a realistic scenario (based on true events) in the largest delta in the world – bordering Senegal and the Gambia. You will learn how to plan in unusual circumstances – physically and mentally – and how to maneuver and navigate on ocean rivers, mangrove forest, and the real bush. We will always be nearby (whether you see us or not) and assure the safety of the mission with unusually high standards (please take contact for more details).

You will live a difficult to forget experience where you will enjoy the incredible mangrove forest/sea water ecosystem while simultaneously executing a 3-day and 3-night mission traversing water and land. You will learn environmental skills (skills necessary to thrive in the bush – day and night) but will especially be exposed to real-life leadership/team dynamics like very few experiences will offer.

The Delta program is a combination of a mission – where your mind and body will be challenged and a sense of accomplishment will stay with you and your team/group the rest of your life – with a visit and stay at one of the most beautiful resorts in Senegal (Les Paletuviers). This resort offers all the comfort and beauty one could wish for on the Western tip of Africa.




30 Oct – 4 Nov 2023


Maximum 10

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