Business Challenge

What to expect

  • A challenge.
  • Techniques and methods to overcome physical and cognitive obstacles. (See our skills matrix)
  • Engagement with special forces coaches who have spent their career working in elite military teams. Dealing with adversity is their bread and butter.
  • Encouraged to see the world with new eyes.


Cohesion challenges, trust-building, and context-based leadership - as the mission unfolds.


Businesses and organisations that want to engage and stretch their teams in a whole new environment.

Businesses and organisations that

  • Want to understand the relationship between motivation, discipline, and loyalty.
  • Want to know each other better or rather differently.
  • Want to actually do things together outside of a bar, restaurant or cafeteria.
  • Want to discover new techniques - physical and mental - for coping with stress.
  • Want to just let go of the office world and the consistent rituals of life.
  • Want to see how (controlled) discomfort can become a portal to self discovery and self reflection.



Hydra Package 1

  • 1 Seminar/Workshop
  • 2 Challenges
    • 4 hr
    • 8 hr

Hydra Package 2

  • 2 Seminars/Workshops
  • 2 Challenges
    • 12 hr
    • 24 hr

Hydra Package 3

  • 2 Seminars/Workshops
  • 2 Challenges
    • 24 hr
    • 48 hr

Hydra Package 4

  • 2 Seminars/Workshops
  • 5 Day Challenge (Senegal or Spain)


Missions will be given to your team/organization where theories and ideas (presented in the seminars/workshops) ‘meet the terrain’ – you will receive knowledge and skills (physical and mental) that will equip you for dealing with life in all its forms. We use courage in the physical realm to unlock courage in the mental and emotional realm.

Available Topics

  • Unconventional Leadership: Momentum   
  • Connection then Communication 
  • Innovation and Initiative: Make the Mistakes of Ambition
  • The Art of Followership: If you cannot Follow, you cannot Lead
  • Navigating Complexity with Strategic Sense
  • Greatest Enemy: Know and Lead Yourself
  • Who-Trust, not What-Trust

The advantage of working with our Hydra Packages (spanning a 1 year period) is that we will get the opportunity to know each other. This connection will allow us to sense and respond to your organization’s culture, think style, and energy.

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