Executive Phoenix Program

Engaging with nature (and its “unforeseeables”) – not against nature. Accepting the conditions that it can (and does) put us in. Embracing the elements  – like with life. The world is obsessed with control. Join us in a world where you will have to surrender this modern technological addiction. Accepting and adapting to disorder, to the unforeseen, in order to reach a point where all things begin to be understood as opportunity to gain, grow, and garner strength. Even the hard and unpleasant things.

In discomfort there is truth. Naturally in life we avoid discomfort and find ways of “ordering” our lives. We want to control our environments as much as possible and our socio-technological world is a system designed to root out uncertainty and increase control. The more we master the spaces we inhabit the less stress and anxiety we feel. The more we are confident, the less we avoid the known and secure. But life will never remain controlled  – the Z axis will eventually interrupt our lives.

Our program will allow you to reflect on who you are when you are not in the space you master, when you do not feel like you are in control. It is easy to lead and manage in work and life when things are stable and predictable. This is no test. This does not allow you to get deeper into what your limitations are – who are you when you do not know, who are you when you do not control the situation. What happens to credibility and legitimacy if knowledge and experience are limited in the space you find yourself in? What happens to confidence and communication? Our real selves are hidden behind comfort and control  – we eventually do not even remember what and who we really are in the rituals of our busy, static and safe lives.

We must confront ourselves more often and confrontation only really comes when everything we have built around ourselves  to have a predictable and comfortable life is (temporarily) no longer within reach. We learn to reappreciate. We learn how it is to not be in control again. To surrender ourselves – even our pride – to the elements of life that we will eventually no longer be able to avoid. Ultimately, in everything there is beauty – as beauty is a relationship and it is your choice to see and feel it.

Virtues rather than values will be part of this self-reflection challenge, and as Sun Tzu emphasizes, one cannot separate discipline from virtue. Our purpose isn’t to give you a good time (in the first moment). It is to challenge you. The more we think you can handle, the more we will give you. You will be tired, but you will learn, and you will have a story to think about for the years to come.

What to expect

  • Outdoor skills development (you will be surprised)
  • Braving situations with highly trained (former) Special Forces Operators nearby
  • Moments of self-reflection (physically, mentally, and emotionally)
  • Goal setting – (super) north star & milestones
  • A serious sense of self-accomplishment

Tailored Option

Set objectives with an intake video call. Have a program designed specifically for you. Selecting Focus points – whether they be physical fears: heights, water, darkness, coping with unknowns or simply wanted skills: day/night navigation (with or without maps/GPS), self-defence, survival training, obstacle crossing, medical response, etc. or whether they be about mental processing tools for “curveballs” (high or low intensity) that life can easily throw at us.

Ready-Made Option

Begin our 4-level Phoenix Program at a BRONZE level all the way up to the PLATINUM level. This program will fully equip you – in incremental steps – with skills, knowledge and attitude; preparing you physically and mentally to cope with all kinds of knowable and unknowable circumstances. A 30 minute video call to connect and determine your goals and objectives. If you are not sure, we will help you.

Who can participate

  • Anyone
    • Regardless of age, sex, size, profession, and physical strength (we will adapt to your goals, but will always push you)
  • As well as
    • People with specific goals (e.g. running a marathon or speaking in public)
    • People who want to be braver (more confident) in a fast-paced complex world
    • People who just want an adventure
    • People who think they are afraid of nothing


Never stop challenging yourself (in small steps), we will provide the baseline security and knowledge – you will provide the courage.


We learn most outside of what we master.