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Coaching, backseating and selection

Put things in perspective


What to expect

  • An unbiased and independent observer/coach in a real-time working situation based on clear and customized goals and objectives
  • A stimulation of self-awareness in leadership styles (approaches and attitudes).
  • Detection of possible issues, develop courses of action
  • Detection of verbal and non-verbal communication tendencies
  • Live supportive feedback
  • Reflection-on-action for possible change implementation
  • Sensing of particular organisational norms that inhibit or enhance motivation and/or performance.
  • Milestones based on pre-determined goals and objectives
  • Goal setting such as: self-awareness, focus, delegation, communication skills, providing and receiving feedback, being present, integrity and empowering others.

Unique feature: MISSIONME Coaches have a very unique background in team performance in high-intensity environments.



A session to get an understanding of the situation in order to set clear goals and objectives.


Based on the pre-determined goals and objectives, non-biased and independent guidance will be presented on individual and team effectiveness.

for businesses and organisations that

  • Will restructure
  • Would like to work more efficiently
  • Want to promote people
  • Are having trouble with internal cooperation amongst colleagues

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Inspiring sessions on multiple topics:

  • Unpacking Trust: Organizations Move at the Speed of Trust
  • The Trialogue between Systems/institutions, the 21st Century, and Leadership
  • Communication, but FIRST Connection, as the Key to Mission Success
  • Rethinking Leadership: Unique Leadership Models Derived from High-intensity Operating Environments
  • How Virtues Rather than Values Create Stronger Organisational Cultures
  • Navigating Complexity as a Leader FOR a Team
  • Characteristics of an Elite Team
  • 6 Steps: From Leadershit to Leadership


We can also provide virtual keynotes using Microsoft Teams.


Based on knowledge and experience from the unique and hidden world of Special Forces

for businesses and organisations that

  • Need general inspiration or motivation to live more, do more, and dream more.
  • Want to work on self-development
  • Want to work on specific organisational problems or themes
  • Want to stimulate management and/or teams to think differently

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Business Challenge

Great things rarely come from comfort zones


What to expect

  • A unique adventurous day
  • To be challenged by various techniques and approaches from the Special Forces
  • Learn to perform as a member of an elite team


Cohesion challenges, trust-building, and context-based leadership - as the mission unfolds.


Businesses and organisations that want to engage and stretch their teams in a whole new environment.

Businesses and organisations that

  • Want to grow as a team
  • Want to get to know each other better
  • Want to connect in a unique manner
  • Want to over-come fears and work on self-confidence
  • Want to improve team communication
  • Want to work together as more than just a team.



A mission for your organisation?

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