What to expect

  • Outdoor skills development (you will be surprised)
  • Braving situations with highly trained (former) Special Forces Operators nearby
  • Moments of self-reflection (physically, mentally, and emotionally)
  • Goal setting – (super) north star & milestones
  • A serious sense of self-accomplishment

Tailored Option

Set objectives with an intake video call. Have a program designed specifically for you. Selecting Focus points – whether they be physical fears: heights, water, darkness, coping with unknowns or simply wanted skills: day/night navigation (with or without maps/GPS), self-defence, survival training, obstacle crossing, medical response, etc. or whether they be about mental processing tools for “curveballs” (high or low intensity) that life can easily throw at us.

Ready-Made Option

Begin our 4-level Phoenix Program at a BRONZE level all the way up to the PLATINUM level. This program will fully equip you – in incremental steps – with skills, knowledge and attitude; preparing you physically and mentally to cope with all kinds of knowable and unknowable circumstances. A 30 minute video call to connect and determine your goals and objectives. If you are not sure, we will help you.

Who can participate

  • Anyone
    • Regardless of age, sex, size, profession, and physical strength (we will adapt to your goals, but will always push you)
  • As well as
    • People with specific goals (e.g. running a marathon or speaking in public)
    • People who want to be braver (more confident) in a fast-paced complex world
    • People who just want an adventure
    • People who think they are afraid of nothing


Never stop challenging yourself (in small steps), we will provide the baseline security and knowledge – you will provide the courage.


We learn most outside of what we master.