Business Challenge

What to expect

  • A challenge.
  • Techniques and methods to overcome physical and cognitive obstacles.
  • Engagement with special forces coaches who have spent their career working in elite military teams. Dealing with adversity is their bread and butter.
  • Encouraged to see the world with new eyes.


Cohesion challenges, trust-building, and context-based leadership - as the mission unfolds.


Businesses and organisations that want to engage and stretch their teams in a whole new environment.

Businesses and organisations that

  • Want to understand the relationship between motivation, discipline, and loyalty.
  • Want to know each other better or rather differently.
  • Want to actually do things together outside of a bar, restaurant or cafeteria.
  • Want to discover new techniques - physical and mental - for coping with stress.
  • Want to just let go of the office world and the consistent rituals of life.
  • Want to see how (controlled) discomfort can become a portal to self discovery and self reflextion.



A mission for your organisation?

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