Coaching, backseating and selection

What to expect

  • An unbiased and independent observer/coach in a real-time working situation based on clear and customized goals and objectives
  • A stimulation of self-awareness in leadership styles (approaches and attitudes).
  • Detection of possible issues, develop courses of action
  • Detection of verbal and non-verbal communication tendencies
  • Live supportive feedback
  • Reflection-on-action for possible change implementation
  • Sensing of particular organisational norms that inhibit or enhance motivation and/or performance.
  • Milestones based on pre-determined goals and objectives
  • Goal setting such as: self-awareness, focus, delegation, communication skills, providing and receiving feedback, being present, integrity and empowering others.

Unique feature: MISSIONME Coaches have a very unique background in team performance in high-intensity environments.


A session to get an understanding of the situation in order to set clear goals and objectives.


Based on the pre-determined goals and objectives, non-biased and independent guidance will be presented on individual and team effectiveness.

for businesses and organisations that

  • Will restructure
  • Would like to work more efficiently
  • Want to promote people
  • Are having trouble with internal cooperation amongst colleagues

A mission for your organisation?

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