What to expect

  • Improve mental and physical resilience (each at their own level)
  • Overcome fears together
  • North Star: work out a goal (or multiple goals) in life with milestones for how to get there
  • Dealing and growing with setbacks
  • Connecting with new people who share a certain motivation
  • All the while: guidance and coaching from former members of the highest trained and selected organization in the country.


We provide all the necessary outdoor material, and if needed, a sleeping place and equipment to spend the night


Food and drinks are included throughout the entire challenge

bronzelevel one

  • Open to everyone
  • Teach and demonstrate MISSIONME value-tools  (discipline, respect, trust, connection and courage)
  • Physically explore your personal limits to better understand your body
  • Gaining self-confidence through mental/physical resilience in order to better confront personal fears and anxieties
  • Will be guided in transforming your ambitions in life into a truly attainable goal

Skills: Navigation techniques map and compass, quick-reaction medical skills, survival techniques, basic self-defense, obstacle crossing techniques, and a better understanding of body and mind performance (rest and nutrition).


  • Take contact for entry requirements
  • Go deeper into values that will empower you (mind, body and soul) anywhere in life.
  • Be physically challenged and learn to survive yourself
  • Mental: learning to deal with and process stressful situations
  • Personal self-development, within a team, is central
  • From interest-driven decisions to value-driven decisions

Skills: Navigation techniques night&day, more advanced survival techniques, self-defense/quick escape, First Aid (medical) program, more difficult obstacle crossing/rope techniques (improvised harness), river crossing methods, planning tools, a 12 hr individual and team challenge that will push your personal limits (always with a MISSIONME coach nearby).

goldlevel three

  • Take contact for entry requirements
  • What is important to me? Learn to prioritize yourself
  • Go beyond your own limits, both physically and mentally
  • Develop self-reliance in challenging situations
  • Decision-making in complex situations

Skills: Navigation techniques night&day without a compass, GPS, or map; survival living (shelter, water & food), self-defense with improvised elements, basic crossing installation techniques for emergency use only, advanced First Aid for everyday life, contingency planning techniques (ready for anything), leadership models, elite team development, improvised training regimes to increase strength, speed and flexibility, a 24 hr individual and team challenge that will push your limits (always with a MISSIONME coach nearby).

extreme editionslevel four+

  • Take contact for entry requirements
  • Developing genuine leadership qualities - simply being who you are
  • Determination (mental resilience) and a calm-clarity-of-mind as key concepts
  • Apply all learned skills from previous levels (bronze, silver, and gold) in an extreme environment (Alpine, maritime, desert, tropical conditions)
  • Performing as an elite team
  • Dealing with complex, unpredictable and volatile situations - from value-driven decision-making to virtue-driven decision-making

Skills: Revision of all previous skills, terrain specific skills (mountain, desert, arctic navigation & survival), beyond First Aid (improvised solutions), self-defense ground techniques, unplanned situations will unfold requiring a sharp mind and application of learned skills, a 48 hr individual and team challenge that will push your limits (always with a MISSIONME coach nearby).

Who can participate

  • Everyone: 12+
  • Individuals or Groups
  • Anyone who wants personal growth, a unique life experience, a new set of life skills, a good story to tell, a stronger value-driven life, or exceptional insight into the world of Special Forces
  • We provide tailor-made challenges for businesses and organisations. Please read more on this page.
  • All participants have to bring their own outdoor shoes and clothing. If you don't have the right equipment, please take a look at our webshop where we offer MISSIONME tested gear. 


A 5 day adventure that will carry on a lifetime in stories and life-changing moments


What pulls you in life? What do you want? Which “mountain” do you see yourself summiting?
Which milestones will be necessary to get there? We will help you navigate this journey.


Launch mission


frequently asked questions


Anyone can participate in the bronze edition. Then feasible, realistic but challenging goals are set to participate in the silver / gold edition. You will be guided to succeed in this. If this does not work, you will have the opportunity to explain what went wrong and why you did not succeed. You will still be able to participate in the Challenge, but some activities may be adjusted.The purpose of the tests is to give every participant extra motivation to get the best out of themselves before the start of the Challenge.

Everyone can participate in the bronze edition regardless of your physical condition. All activities are tailored to everyone. During this Challenge you will be positively stimulated to improve your own fitness. You will also receive support in this from ex Special Forces operators.To participate in the silver / gold edition you must pass the imposed tests, but you will also receive sufficient guidance so that this will not pose a problem. 

All activities are always completely safe for all participants. The experience and tranquility of the MissionMe coaches will help you, along with the group’s positive mindset, to overcome your own fears. The activities are also always adapted to the participants.If you are not yet able to perform the activity at that time, you will be able to safely switch to an alternative that suits you better. But we will not leave you with an “unsatisfied” feeling, overcoming fears can be a long way, a way of trial, error and try again! 

During this Challenge you will not have contact with people who do not participate. Not even by telephone. Your parents cannot come and visit you, but they can always, in case of emergency, reach a MissionMe coach who is with you at that time.Afterwards, both your parents and you can be proud of what you have achieved! 

If a participant turns out to be infected with the corona virus during a challenge, the parents will be immediately notified with the request to pick up their child with the intention of having it tested as soon as possible. If the test turns out to be positive, we will have to stop the challenge. 

Keeping a contact log, washing hands regularlyusing paper tissuesventilating the tents are measures that will apply to every challengeIf additional hygiene regulations and measures are applicable at that time, these will also be strictly observed. 

We take into account the participation time, physical and mental differences of the participants. We try to let the youngsters grow and get out of their comfort zone. 

Before the start of a challengeyou will receive a questionnaire about your mental and physical state as well as any conditionsailmentsallergies and medication. 


In case of your own unforeseen circumstances, which can be counted as force majeure on the day before, or on the day of the event, such as an accident or serious family circumstances, you still have the opportunity to unsubscribe the day after the event.

In that case you will receive a voucher worth the registration of the challenge.

In that case you will receive a voucher worth the registration of the challenge.

Each participant will receive a voucher to the value of the challenge registration.

If the challenge can proceed as planned and you wish to cancel yourself, our cancellation conditions apply as stated in the general sales conditions.