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Are you looking for a new challenge in your life? You would like to push your limits in both ways: physically and mentally. You want to become a better version of yourself as a person. Are you curious about what the special forces spirit has to offer? Come and discover it all during our bronze challenge!

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How will the Bronze Challenge challenge you?

The Challenge will push your physical and mental limits to help you become a better version of yourself. By immersing you in a world full of uniquely exciting experiences and adrenaline kicks, we’ll help you discover an inner strength and resilience you probably don’t know you have.

For Special Forces soldiers, working together is an absolute must. Throughout the Challenge, you learn to build group cohesion and work together as a team. But we also focus on you as a person: your dreams, your ambitions, your doubts, the person you’d like to become. You are central in all of this. Together, we’ll build your self-confidence, perseverance and stress-resistance.

We do this by returning to basics, to nature, where we sharpen your survival skills and equip you with a toolkit of tips and tricks. All this in a stunningly beautiful region, the Ardennes.

How does it work practically?

Our challenge takes 5 days (4 nights). You will be expected on Monday morning at a location and time to be specified. Transport to our base camp will be arranged by the MissionMe coaches. On Friday, our MissionMe warriors can be picked up at the departure location, at a time to be communicated during the initial briefing. After our return from the great outdoors, each MissionMe warrior will head home with a backpack full of amazing experiences and stories!

What is included in the price?

  • All meals (varied and nutritious)
  • All outdoor equipment: tent, camp bed, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, backpack, etc.
  • All Bronze Challenge activities and adventures
  • The support, encouragement, and experience of our professional MissionMe coaches

Note: we do ask participants to bring their own appropriate footwear and clothing.

Additional information

-21, 21+


03/04 – 07/04, 19/07 – 23/07, 19/08 – 23/08




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