Gold Challenge


ATTENTION! This challenge is a continuation of the Silver challenge. The Bronze challenge and Silver challenge must first be completed before you can participate in this one.

For 2 challenges you have challenged yourself, grown and become stronger. You’ve started working on yourself, but have you really reached your own limits yet? Can’t you become even stronger on a metal and physical level than you already are? By constantly challenging yourself, you can continue to grow and become stronger. Are there limits in life? Rise to the challenge. In other words: UNLEASH YOUR (inner) FORCE!!!

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What makes the Golden challenge different from the previous challenges?

Throughout the different challenges we have challenged you on different levels in different situations. During these challenges we go even more extreme. Do you think you know yourself completely after 2 challenges? We are going to challenge you so you can amaze yourself. You are the person who can become even faster, even better and even stronger.
Together with the MissionMe coaches you are going to experience more extreme things that are going to make your backpack of experiences and stories so much bigger.

How does it work practically?

As cited above, this Challenge is based on complete autonomy. You go in search of your self-confidence and self-sufficiency. During this Challenge we will for the first time step outside of Belgium and extend our knowledge in another country. We don’t want to give away too much about the Golden Challenge so we will send you a mail with a detailed explanation before the Challenge starts.

What is included in the price?

  • You’ll receive professional guidance from our MissionMe coaches during your quest to become a better version of yourself.
  • You can use our outdoor equipment: tent, camp bed, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, backpack etc.
  • Varied and healthy food. All supplies for eating are provided.
  • All the “adventure” activities that definitely can’t be missed during this challenge.

NOTE: Sturdy footwear and clothing is not included.


What do the selection tests entail?


  • Location: Paalse Plas
  • Timing: 06.30 RV
  • Program:
    1. Swim
    2. Slack Line
    3. Ring/ Bar hang
    4. Run
    5. Presentation


Evaluation of your director/ Employer

  • Character traits (karakter eigenschappen)
  • For Youth still going to school, written evaluation of the school director
  • For working people: your employer

Evaluation of somebody close to you (family/ friends/…)

  • Character traits (karakter eigenschappen)


  • Basic orientation with map 1/50.000
  • Light a fire



  • Run
  • Timing: 1Hr
  • Distance: 9Km
  • Material: backpack 5Kg


  • 500m swim
  • Timing: 14 min.


  • What Slackline balance
  • Timing: 05 seconds


  • Ring / Bar hang
  • Timing: 60 seconds (F) 80 seconds (M)


  • During the selection day, give a presentation (in French) for 05 to 07 minutes about a positive experience of the past year
Additional information



All ages


05/07 – 09/07


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