Silver Challenge


ATTENTION! This challenge is a continuation of the Bronze challenge. The Bronze challenge must be completed first before you can participate in this one.

During this challenge we will go one step further under the motto: harder, better, faster, stronger! For this challenge there are selection tests required. In this way a test is done to see if you are ready for the next step, the Silver Challenge. In order to prepare yourself optimally for these selection tests you will receive the necessary information below so you can decide for yourself whether you pass or fail!

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What makes the Silver challenge different from the previous challenge?

During the previous challenge we challenged you to become stronger physically and mentally. During this challenge we will motivate you even more to grow and develop in who you are or want to be. Last challenge you went looking for your limits, but was this your limit? Can’t you get even more out of the person you are at this moment? You are going to find out during even more challenging outdoor activities.

Throughout the previous challenge we worked on group cohesion and how to work together in a group. For a “Special Forces” cooperation remains an important topic during a mission. Is your group cohesion strong enough in more difficult circumstances? The MissionMe coaches are going to challenge you and make you even better than you already are!

How does it work practically?

Our challenge is 5 days (4 nights). You will be expected on Monday morning at the location and time forwarded later. Transport to our final basecamp will be regulated by our MissionMe coaches. On Friday, the MissionMe warriors will be picked up at the same location as they left. Time will still be briefed at the beginning of the challenge. After our special return from outdoor life, each MissionMe warrior can return back home with a filled backpack full of experiences and stories!

What is included in the price?

  • You’ll receive professional guidance from our MissionMe coaches during your quest to become a better version of yourself.
  • You can use our outdoor equipment: tent, camp bed, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, backpack etc.
  • Varied and healthy food. All supplies for eating are provided.
  • All the “adventure” activities that definitely can’t be missed during this challenge.

NOTE: Sturdy footwear and clothing is not included.


What do the selection tests entail?


  • Present yourself in a short video message (min 2, max 3 minutes). Tell in it 3 positive qualities about yourself and 3 sincere points to improve. Send this to the email address


  • Basic orientation with map 1/50.000
  • Light a fire


  • 5km run in less than 35 minutes
  • 90 seconds front plank
  • Pump 5 times


  • Make a presentation on a topic in which you wish to deepen or improve yourself in the next year. Bring this to your challenge on a USB stick.
  • You must have passed last trimester (with a minimum of 50%). If you score less than 50% for a subject, or you do not pass in your trimester, you must make a presentation to the MissionMe coaches about the subject or topic in which you scored a failing grade. You will begin this presentation with the reasons why you received a failing score in this subject/topic.
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12/07 – 16/07




All ages


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